Super Smash Bros. Alliance Flags Smartphone Wallpaper ~ Wave 1




In Super Smash Bros. Competitive play, Players grow an attachment to their main and secondary characters in Super Smash Bros. as they play and improve in skill. Almost like an partnership. The players often times want to express this connection they have as they go through their everyday lives.

A solution

I created Smartphone Wallpaper so that Players can have on their phones and express (or have a representation of) this partnership connection of their characters anytime the Players use their phones.


He is the primary character of the Smash Bros series and his fireball is used in certain aspect of the games such as the Smash Ball which gives the characters a very powerful move. Mario’s fireball and mustache [FireNose] are representative of his will to win and his connection to the player.


Tired of being second fiddle to Mario he uses unorthodox moves and energy to be unique, to be #1. Luigi’s EctoMoon is representative of his yearning of the spotlight (maybe Jealousy), the underdog, and call to the player to fight to be the #1 unique you.


Peach is used to the fancy royalty life, but don’t let appearances fool you. She has surprising moves that will knock away anyone that stands in her way. Peach’s connection to the player is the element of the unexpected.


Bowser do not accept help he gives orders and expects his minions to do their job. Bowser is about RAW strength as well as showcasing his power. Players connect into his Klaw & Shell display.

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