Frist 3-Block Posters


First Center for the Visual Arts.


Frist Center’s Education Public program posters did not conform to the Frist’s overall Design Standards. The contents of the poster needs better hierarchy. How can the Education Dept. Public programs be represented while conforming to the Frist’s design standard, have clarity, flexibility, and have content hierarchy?

a solution

The 3-Block poster template give an distinct visual identity to the Frist’s Education Department and give flexibility and this is important because of the many different programs and events the Education Dept. puts on. The content hierarchy always have the event name in the 1st block, time and place in the 2nd block, then Exhibition it relates to and the Frist’s logo in the 3rd block. The 3-block template and along with the font choices are modern contemporary and from my research the Frist’s Design Standard is a modern contemporary look and feel with respect to the Frist’s Art-Deco building and past. The flexibility also come from the freedom in choosing colors based on what the event or programs are of and what exhibition it relates to.

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