Let’s See What’s Under the Creative’s Cap!

An image of the inside of my Spider-Man Hat. The first Creative's Cap. It has fabric comic panels of Spider-Man and the Green Goblin.

Hi, I’m Michael Farr the person behind Go Farr Creative! and cap wearing creative. Under the Creative’s Cap Blog represents a fresh start for me. I had two blogs previously (the Mind on Design Blog and the Drawing Book Blog) which, unfortunately, were hard to maintain and post on a regular basis. So I made a choice and essentially combined the two blogs into one. This will allow me to more efficiently share my thoughts on Graphic Design. You can expect me to talk about a wide of subjects but not limited to: Logo & Identity Design, Poster Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Packaging Design, currents events relating to Design, as well as Design work with social impacts. I will also talk about the Creative Process on the projects that I work on.

One of my main goals with Under the Creative’s Cap is to showcase the value and impact that quality and thoughtful Design has, especially on Businesses because it will greatly help them to reach and connect with the audience that they are trying to reach. I am by no means a world-class expert in Design and Business but I think the path of becoming a stronger and a more effective creative lies through observation, learning, critical thinking, and talking about design and its impacts. So this is an invitation to you to see what’s Under the Creative’s Cap!